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HAMANN “Tycoon Evo M” Equipment (based on BMW X6M E71) »


– HAMANN Tycoon Evo M Front Bumper w/ 4 LED daytime running lamps
– HAMANN Front Fender Set
– HAMANN Side Skirts
– HAMANN Rear Fender Extenstions (6-pc rear fender extensions)
– HAMANN Center Molding for 2 Central Tailpipes
– HAMANN Rear Spoiler (Large)
– HAMANN Roof Spoiler
– HAMANN Sport Rear Muffler 2 Tailpipes Central (2 round 120 mm tailpipes)
– HAMANN Bonnet Emblem (Black with silver HAMANN logo)
– HAMANN Trunk Lid Emblem (Black with silver HAMANN logo)
– AC SCHNITZER Rear Spoiler (in lieu of HAMANN Rear Spoiler, Large)
– VORSTEINER Sport Hood w/ Visible Carbon-Fiber Vents


– Exclusive BMW “Frozen Silver” (Matte Grey) Paint with Matte Finish
– Limited Edition E92 M3’s, less than 200 in the World, were sprayed with this paint as part of BMW M GmbH’s 40th anniversary year.


– Active Autowerke ECU Upgrade

+86 WHP! (estimated +100hp at the crank!)
+117 lb-ft TQ
Improved torque over factory settings throughout RPM range.
Recalibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive part throttle transition and power delivery.
All factory safety parameters have been left in place, ensuring reliable, everyday performance.
Software is indiscernible to BMW Dealer. Fully Reversible.
Top speed limiter removed.
Tuned for 91 or 93 octane fuel.
Tuning also available for Euro Spec & Other International Octane Ratings.

– NOTES: Optional Downpipe (+20hp!). Please add $2200 to Price. Ask about our Handheld Programmer that will allow you to a) Upload programs at home with your Windows Laptop, b) Run multiple programs for various fuel, and c) Put the car back to stock, if necessary.


– HAMANN Sport Rear Muffler w/ Dual Round Central Stainless-Steel Tailpipes (Ø 120mm)


– HAMANN Lowering Kit 2 progressive springs for FA. Lowering kit for RA. Lowering approximately 30-40mm
– 4 Wheel Alignment


– Paint OEM Calipers Gloss Orange with BMW Logo under Clearcoat











– HAMANN Exclusive Floormat Set (Black with silver HAMANN logo)
– HAMANN Foot Rest (Silver or Black Anodized Aluminum)
– HAMANN Aluminum Pedals (Black Anodized Aluminum, Automatic transmission)
– WCM Deviated Stitching Package
– Orange Contrast Diamond Stitching on Seat Inserts
– Orange Contrast Diamond Stitching on Door Inserts
– Orange Contrast Stitching to Replace All OEM Stitching


– HAMANN Anniversary Evo Black Line – 22 x 10.5 F with 295/30-22
– HAMANN Anniversary Evo Black Line – 22 x 12.0 R with 335/25-22
– HAMANN 20 mm wheel spacers HM2000 on FA
– HAMANN 30 mm wheel spacers HM3000/5D on RA
– BMW OEM Sensors to Communicate with Tire Pressure Monitoring System
– Mount & Balance

Remove HAMANN Wheels to Install:

– FORGIATO AGGIO 22 x 10.5 (F) for BMW X6M HAMANN Tycoon Evo M Widebody
– FORGIATO AGGIO 22 x 12.0 (R) for BMW X6M HAMANN Tycoon Evo M Widebody
– ECL (Extreme Concave Lip), Special Offset Required
– Gloss Black Face, Lip, Bolts, Inner Barrel
– NO Teeth

Additional Equipment (Optional) »

The parts and custom paint listed below was not included in the original quote. If you decide to keep everything listed in each category below, the total dollar amount next to the category heading will be added to the balance.


– BMW Center Grilles in Carbon Fiber
– Paint Roof in Gloss Black
– Paint HAMANN Roof Spoiler in Gloss Black
– Paint “Base” of OEM Trunk Emblem in Gloss Black
– M logo on trunklid in Gloss Black
– Install HAMANN Emblem, Individual Letters in Gloss Black
– Painted Keyhole Cover in body color
– Smoke Headlights
– Smoke Taillights
– Smoke Reflectors in Rear Bumper
– Smoke Indicators in Front Bumper
– Smoke Side Indicators in Fender
– Fender Plastic Vent w/ M Logo in Gloss Black
– Smoke LED’s in Front Bumper (TBD)
– HAMANN Emblem on Hood
– HAMANN Emblem on Trunk Lid
– Satin Black Faux “Vents” on Bumpers/Fender Extensions
– Satin Black Rear Bumper Trim
– Satin Black (hi-temp) Exhaust Tips
– Window Tinting (Front)


– Passport 9500ci w/ Remote & Installation (product info)
– Viper Respond 350 Alarm Syst-9, DEI Motion/Proximity Sensor, Alarm, Proximity Sensor w/ LCD Remote
– Video-In-Motion Module, NAV-TV. (Vehicle Must Have Factory DVD Changer or Factory TV Tuner.)
– Multi CAN Bus lmmobiliz & DL Override
– Bluetooth, lpod. Aux Interface Not Available At This Time

Video Gallery »

Summary »

The BMW X6M shown above, with HAMANN’s “Tycoon Evo M” Package, is $145,600 (~ 91,800 £). This price includes the vehicle described above (with transport to us), all parts, paint, installation, wheels, tires, lowering, and alignment.

This price does not include tax, license, registration, or enclosed transport to your home or office. We can ship anywhere in the world. International customers, please contact us for more information.

Feel free to call or email with any questions.

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